Must-have Items To Create Your Perfect Remote Workspace

The ability to work from home or anywhere in the world is very appealing, especially if you’ve decided to become a web entrepreneur. A laptop, smartphone and Wi-Fi connection are the usual tools to start in this field but there are other tools, apps and devices that can help you to achieve more and make your life easier as a freelancer. Here are 11 must-have items to create your perfect workspace. 

  1. Laptop stand

If you’ll be working on the web a lot, chances are you’re prone to suffer from eye strain. Research shows that between 50 per cent and 90 per cent of people who work for long periods staring at a computer screen will suffer from eye strain. And this is why I am recommending a laptop stand. An ergonomic laptop stand will allow you to raise your laptop to eye-level. Consequently, you will not have to continuously look down at your screen which will reduce eye strain and headaches. 

Check out the Roost Portable Laptop Stand.  This stand is perfect for business travelers with its incredibly light wear and compact design.  The Roost laptop stand is adjustable and will give up to 6 to 12 inches of lift.  It is fully collapsible and can fit almost any size laptop. 

2. Cordless keyboard and mouse

Once you have decided to purchase the portable laptop stand, start researching cordless mouse and keyboard to add to your cart. You won’t regret it. If you raise your laptop, an attached keyboard and mouse will be out of reach and rest at an awkward angle. If you plan on traveling a lot, a foldable wireless keyboard may be better for you than the standard.  These are made from a softer material like rubber and travel quite easily.  Another plus is that most of these keyboards are waterproof.  To accompany your keyboard, you can choose an optical mouse, Bluetooth mouse or the most recent entrant to the market – an air mouse. This can double as a remote and doesn’t need a flat surface on which to operate. 

3. Portable projection

If you prefer to work with a larger screen than your laptop’s, then a portable projector is your answer. A portable projector is popular for its flexibility, allowing you to start presentations or collaborate with team members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can turn any wall into a big-screen television by attaching your projector to one of your devices. 

The AAXA P7 Mini HD Projector was declared the best for traveling entrepreneurs in 2020. The tiny 1080p model fits in the palm of your hand and does a decent job on presentations, videos, photos and playing music. 

4. Noise- cancelling headphones

Whether you’re in a crowded café or at home with toddlers, it can be extremely annoying and distracting when you have to work and there’s a lot of noise in your background. Noisy environments make it difficult to focus on the simplest task. Noise-cancelling headphones are a freelancer’s best friend.  As the name suggests, these headphones block out sound from your environment, making you feel as if you’re alone in a closed library. Furthermore, some models come with a built-in microphone that allows you to make calls in peace. This means that you can work anywhere!

The Sony WH-1000XM3 has been voted the best noise-cancelling headphone two years in a row.  They come with both Google Assistant and Alexa support, making them not just effective but smart as well. 

5. Surge Protector

You have invested a lot of money into your devices and probably plan on investing some more after reading this post.  It’s a great idea to also invest in a surge protector.  Power surges are unavoidable and unpredictable. A sudden jump in power can instantly destroy a laptop or smartphone. Guard against this by using a surge protector when charging your devices. 

6. External hard drive

An external drive is preferred to a flash drive for backing up data because they offer more storage space and allow you to copy large files quickly. One of the best things about external drives is its portability. You can easily carry it around and plug it to any computer without the need to install drivers. External drives also offer security from internet viruses, worms and hackers because data is stored away from the main internal hard drive.

When shopping for an external hard drive, choose a solid state drive (SSD) to a hard disk drive (HDD).  SSDs have lightweight components or moving parts, so they’re perfect for constant travelling.  They also use flash memory to store data, which makes them more reliable than HDDS.  Moreover, SSDs are more resistant and durable than HDDS. I once accidentally dropped my laptop to the ground with an SSD installed.  My laptop screen broke but the SSD was fine. 

7. Webcam and microphone

If you don’t produce video content for Youtube, podcasts or big media, then the built-in webcam and mic that’s on your laptop will serve your purposes.  However, if you’re producing content for social media platforms, you’ll need tools that will make your video look and sound professional. You will need to upgrade your webcam and microphone.

I absolutely love the Logitech HD Camera C615, particularly because I have been doing more video conferencing and it’s simple, foldable design makes traveling easy. 

The FIFINE T6669 is a full home studio mic. The package includes an adjustable scissor arm for added versatility and placement and a double pop filter to reduce ‘pops’ during recording. It also has a tripod stand if you’re in the market for one. 

8. Power bank

No matter how good the batteries in your laptop, smartphone, tablets and ear phones are, with continuous use, they run out of charge faster than you would expect. To have any of them shut down while you’re typing a message, on a phone call or conducting a virtual class, is not only frustrating but embarrassing as well. 

A portable power bank is ideal for when you’re out and about and one of your devices need extra juice. Large power banks can charge several smartphones but the compact ones that fit easily in your pocket or purse will allow you a single charge. 

9. Wi-Fi extender

As a freelancer, you depend heavily on a strong and stable internet connection. However, this may not always be guaranteed, especially if you travel for work or set up work stations in coffee shops and cafes. There’s nothing more frustrating than having work to do but you’re hampered by molasses-moving internet connection. 

A Wi-Fi extender increases the reach of an existing network as well as improve its strength. Worried about your privacy? There’s no need for concern as all modern Wi-Fi extenders allow you to enjoy the encryption protocols that you get with your main Wi-Fi router. 

10. An ergonomic office chair

Many persons working from home complain about lower back pain caused by slumping at a desk or their dining table for hours. Working in a bed or from a sofa makes the pain more intense and walking only offers temporary relief. 

The answer to this problem is a comfortable, ergonomic chair that’s designed for back support. A proper office chair will help to improve your posture as you work, minimizing the stress on your muscles and other important components, like your ligaments. 

Surprisingly, you will also feel less tired and more productive if you improve your posture while sitting. So how do you choose a good chair?

  • Make sure the height and angle can be adjusted to suit you. A pneumatic adjustment lever is the easiest way to do this.  A seat height of 16-21 inches off the floor should be suitable for most people. 
  • The chair should roll and swivel easily so that you can move as close as you need to your work surface as well as reach other parts of your station without straining. 
  • It should be made by a trusted brand so durability can be guaranteed. 
  • The chair seat and back should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for long periods.  Breathable cloth fabric is preferred to a hard surface. 

11. Bluetooth speakers

Studies have shown that music can help you relax and improve productivity. A quality Bluetooth speaker in your remote workspace allows you to fill your environment with your favorite music and drown out other distracting noises. 

There are several pointers to consider when buying Bluetooth speakers.

Battery life: small speakers tend to have smaller batteries so check the average battery life specified. A good average is four to ten hours.

Audio quality: this is usually specified as total harmonic distortion. The lower the number, the better the audio quality. 

Size: Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of sizes.  The larger ones will give you better quality audio and have a larger battery for longer use. 


Being a freelancer is liberating.  You have the opportunity to work where you want and set your hours.  Many tools can help to make your work space productive, relaxing and fun.  Go through this list to see what you don’t have. 


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